Silver Bangle of Ojibwa

Silver Bangle of Ojibwa Image
Made of Solid Sterling Silver

Once you put this magnificent piece on your wrist, you could "feel" its energy the moment it touches your skin."

Hammered and High Polished to keep the positive spirits within, this piece is made of Sterling silver and will be an instant treasure to your collection.

Legend has it that the Silver Bangle of the Ojibwa tribe will lead treasures to you as if you were a powerful magnet. Whether you seek material rewards or simply want the loyalty and respect of a loved one, the Silver Bangle of Ojibwa injects a mystical force into your life.

It is said that the person who wears the Ojibwa Silver Bangle will experience: The moment you put this solid silver adornment on your wrist, you will not only be enthralled by its spectacular beauty but also by its mystical quality that will enchant you and all those who come in contact with you.
The Silver Bangle of Ojibwa

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