Chai (life) Bracelet

The Chai Bracelet

The ancient mystics of Kabala believed the number 18 initiated luck, love, and good fortune. In Hebrew numerology, the word for life, Chai, adds up to 18.

The Legend of the Chai Bracelet

In King David's time, warriors wore the bracelet in the belief that its eighteen strands would protect them and assure them of victory on the battlefield. Hebrew women wore the bracelet with pride in the belief that their loved ones would return home to love them, care for them, be kind to them.

Modern women wear the Chai Bracelet not only for its exquisite beauty and the attention that is drawn to them, but for success in romance, friendship, and career.

It is said that when you adorn the Chai Bracelet:
The Chai Bracelet shown on one of our clientsRenowned for its splendor and beauty, the eighteen strands of the Chai Bracelet are made of the highest quality sterling silver. This elegant piece of jewelry will not only catch the eye of anyone who sees it, but they will want to discuss it and touch it as if drawn by an unseen force.

Reap the rewards of the mystical secrets of Kabala and let the Chai Bracelet bring you success and happiness. You will feel privileged and very special the moment you take possession of this magnificent adornment.
Chai (Life) Bracelet

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