Sherpa's Nervana Amulet

Sherpa's Nirvana
Sherpa's Nirvana is the legendary good luck piece of the Sherpas who guide climbers to the highest peaks in the Himalayas. It is said that the person who possesses this mystical piece will locate their true love.

Sherpa's Nirvana is recommended by mystics for the purpose of uniting lovers.

Whether you have a current love who is ignoring you, or you are searching for a new love, Sherpa's Nirvana bridges the gap between you and the one with whom you are destined.

Here's what Sherpa's Nirvana could do for you: If your relationship is hemorrhaging and you don't know where to turn, may we suggest you seek out the powers of Sherpa's Nirvana. The instant you touch this spectacular piece, you will be comforted with the knowledge that you have a mystical force working in your behalf.

Sherpa's Nirvana Key to the Symbols

If your lover has gone astray and is looking for something better, Sherpa's Nirvana is intended to lure him back. If you are without a lover at the moment, Sherpa's Nirvana is reputed to draw a potential mate to you.

Despondency, negative energy, and toxic thoughts are deadly to a relationship. Don't let these powerful forces destroy what you have tried so hard to build. Let the mystical forces of Nirvana work for you.

This beautifully crafted piece is made of sterling silver.
Sherpa's Nirvana

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