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Dear CAA,

I ordered a California Astrology Association Horoscope from you and want to say how it has changed my life. I was shocked when I read the things that were written. In actual fact it made me cry due to the fact that I could finally understand more about myself.

For a long time I have tried to hide the bad qualities about myself but now I want to face them and improve them. The description was 100% perfect and everything said so far in the Horoscope is coming true in one way or another.

Before now I didn't believe. Truly I mocked these Horoscopes, but now I am a firm believer. If you sit wondering if these things are real, then please believe me because they are.

I couldn't have asked for a better service. Thank you so much!

Cheltenham, England
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Dear CAA,

I have to first off say a big "Thank-you" for your promptness to my request of a personal 6 Month Horoscope and Octology Report. I've only had them one month now, and I'm completely awed, already one of the time-framed predictions have shown themselves...never in my life have I received any kind of reading or report so concise, clear and accurate.

I know I will be referring to these reports regularly, I have no desire now to even scope out other sources for guidance, where usually I'm getting a few at a time hoping they'll all fill each other in, but this "quest" has finally stopped. Already I feel fulfilled and believe all my "questions" are answered before me and I have no need to look any further!

Thank-you so much, it's incredible the way you've reached me!

Ontario, Canada
Results may vary. Please see our testimonials page for details.
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