Dobell's Cross

Dobell's Cross Front View
Front View

Anthony Dobell was penniless when he stumbled upon a buried amulet. It was old and cracked, but when Dobell brushed off the dirt he realized it was engraved with the sign of the cross surrounded by mysterious markings.

Almost immediately, Dobell's life began to change, and soon Dobell emerged from his poor surroundings to become a respected aristocrat. Within five years Dobell had amassed great wealth and was respected for his uncanny business acumen and good judgment.

Although the origin of this beautiful piece is unknown, it is said that he who carries Dobell's Cross will be blessed with a generous heart and riches beyond imagination.

Dobell lived to the ripe age of ninety-seven, and he died on the anniversary of the day he discovered his famous amulet.

If you seek to dramatically change your life for the better, Dobell's Cross will not only bring you great joy from its beauty but also by the special blessings it gave to Dobell himself.

Dobell's Cross Back View
Back View

Possess Dobell's Cross, and:
This solid sterling silver pendant is exquisitely defined with its high polish and oxidized finish. (Silver chain included.)
Dobell's Cross

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