Earth Bangle

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The Aborigine people migrated to Australia from Asia 40,000 years ago. One of their intriguing customs is to invoke spirits of the planet to protect you, guide you, and ensure your happiness.

Aborigines are known for their small kin-based groups, intense family loyalty, and never-say-die spirit. The Earth Bangle was first worn by this good-natured people thousands of years ago and is now rapidly gaining popularity outside their culture.

The Earth Bangle calls upon the good spirits to bring good luck and good love to the person who deserves to be surrounded by friends and family.

The Earth Bangle
Made of Solid Sterling Silver

Here is what the Earth Bangle could do for you:
The unusual inscriptions engraved in the Earth Bangle are a secret code that calls upon the spirits of the earth to ensure you don't walk alone.

The Earth Bangle is a substantial silver piece that will make you feel good, knowing that you are sharing the same spirits that have walked aside the Aborigines for thousands of years.
The Earth Bangle

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