The Peruvian Ball

The Peruvian Ball Seals a Relationship!

Peruvian Ball Necklace In the highest peaks in the mountains of Peru lie the mystical ruins of a civilization known as Machu Picchu. Among the remarkable treasures of this ancient people is the unique amulet known as the Peruvian Ball.

Not much is known of the origin or history of this remarkable piece, but those who wear or carry it report that its mystical powers are spellbinding. The moment you hold it in your hand, you will be impressed by its substantial weight and by its gleaming pure Sterling Silver.

It is said if you desire to love and be loved, the Peruvian Ball could lure a new lover to your doorstep. Or if a current relationship needs mending, you will soon find your lover eager to hold and caress and love you.

Among the benefits of possessing the Peruvian Ball are to: The Peruvian Ball will attract attention wherever you go. It is an original piece that you will treasure.

A free chain will be included with your order!
The Peruvian Ball

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