This person can be remarkable at times, and, unfortunately, a disappointment as well.

I see someone who is loyal, independent, caring when in the mood, and a person who is willing to accept challenges – but only if stimulated and interested. At times they can be moody and selfish, only caring about satisfying their own needs. During these periods, they can be aloof, uninterested, and sometimes even rude.

However, the upside to this person is, indeed, remarkable. I see someone who will go out of their way and be extremely generous to the “right” person. Sometimes even to the point of ridiculousness. It is almost as if we are seeing two people here. The first can be sulking, moody, not talkative at all. while the second can be absolutely irresistible, very funny, extremely loyal and very cuddly.

I see a sensual person here, someone who can be sexy and very, very appealing. This person lives inside their mind a great deal of time. And when it comes to romantic pleasures, I see a person whose sexual fantasies are sometimes approaching the edge. Outwardly, however, there is strong sensuality exhibited here, and this can be extremely appealing and alluring.

Regarding career, this is a person who will be very frustrated if not in the right field, someone who could be highly successful – or one who will be absolutely lost if in a dead end job. It all depends on their motivation. When stimulated and interested, the sky is the limit. But when working in a boring, unchallenging atmosphere, this individual will feel suffocated, unable to perform up to their capabilities. Challenge is the key word in their career!

I see a very sharp humor here, sometimes leading to sarcasm – a biting wit which sometimes turns people off. There is some self-doubt here and a tendency to get depressed. Self-esteem is usually high, but occasionally they feel let down by others as well as getting down on themselves. This person needs a great deal of encouragement even though they appear to be independent and self motivated. The key to their happiness and success is to have the right partner, the right mate by their side.

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