Full Moon Spells

Your true love is someone who knows all about you, and loves you just the same.
- Ancient Proverb  

Do you want to find the love of your life? The other half of your soul? A Full Moon spell is designed to do just that.

Does This Describe Someone You Know?

A person cannot truly love another when totally consumed with oneself. When basking in their own sunlight, they may achieve many good things, but not love. However, once they become a moon, then and only then can they love another.

A Full Moon spell allows them to appreciate a person dear to them. It is only then when a person becomes the most complete.

If you know someone who has difficulty committing, or who is too wrapped up in himself/herself, or too consumed with their own activities, you would be doing both you and them a favor by requesting a Full Moon spell in their behalf.

Here are the signs of a person who would be blessed if you cast a Full Moon spell in their behalf:
  • Not enough time and effort put into your relationship.
  • Selfish.
  • Failure to see own frailties.
  • Difficulty expressing feelings.
  • Not giving you the tender loving care you deserve.

Once a Full Moon spell takes effect, here are some of changes you may notice:
  • More sensitive to your feelings.
  • Not as hard or as critical of you.
  • Increased attention toward you.
  • Understanding that everyone (including them) has flaws.
  • Open to new ideas, new avenues for your relationship.

Most likely you have strong feelings about this person, and you recognize their wonderful qualities; but if you want all their goodness directed toward you, take a look at the following Full Moon spells and see if one or more would be of assistance to you.
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