Sign of the Fisherman

Sign of the Fisherman Image
Made of Solid Sterling Silver

The moment you place this beautiful silver bangle on your wrist, you will feel a genuine peacefulness within.

Soon, you will have the notion that all your troubles and worries are beginning to subside.

Feel His spirit by your side!

You can be assured that when you possess the Sign of the Fisherman you will not be alone. You will have the most powerful spirit of all by your side to help simplify your life and ease your pain.

You will also be led to your chosen path.

Sign of the Fisherman Think on these things...
If you are in need of a guiding force... If you aspire to achieve goals that heretofore have been unreachable... If you want to bring friends and loved ones closer to you... Then wear this mystical adornment and see for yourself what it can do for you.

This silver bangle is highly polished with an oxidized finish and will bring you years of enjoyment.
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