Octology Forecast

Many centuries ago, in the region stretching from Chile to Peru, there was an advanced civilization known as the Incas.

Known for their accomplishments in architecture, science and mathematics, which were often light years ahead of their time, the Incas were also credited with discovering a method of forecasting the future with amazing accuracy.

This remarkable science is known as Octology.

What is Octology?

Octology evolved from the Inca devotion to their numerous gods, as well as their advanced mathematical knowledge. Utilizing complex mathematical formulas, skilled practitioners of Octology were often called upon to forecast the movements of potential enemies, the best time to plant crops, and other matters of state.

Octology forecasts were also sought out by Inca royalty and peasants alike to receive guidance in all aspects of their personal lives.

It is said that the science of Octology predicted the downfall of the Inca civilization.

Today, Octology has a growing number of believers worldwide who consult their Octology reports on a daily basis to assist them in their relationships, personal finances, etc.

Which Inca God Rules You?

Octology is based on eight powerful Inca Gods that rule those born under their signs. Your birth date will reveal which Inca god rules you, defining you as a unique individual with specific personality and character traits.

Learn about yourself!

With this knowledge, you will have a better understanding and unique insight into your core being. These insights are often breathtaking in their accuracy!

Learn about your future!

Your Octology forecast will also give you a daily guide specifying the best days for: In other words, Octology is designed to help you see what lies around the corner in every aspect of your life.

The California Astrology Association is proud to have a skilled practitioner of Octology on our staff. And we believe you will be astounded by the uncanny accuracy in your Octology report's daily predictions.

The intent of your personal Octology forecast is to illuminate your chosen path, allowing you to sidestep the pitfalls and to be guided to a future blessed with love, money and ultimate happiness.
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