A very interesting person, indeed.

There are many high spots as well as low points, and I can see that although this person has great potential, at this point in life there is much to be desired. For instance, regarding their ability to communicate feelings and affection, it is difficult for them to express inner feelings and desires in an effective manner.

I see great depth here, and this person is capable of growing, learning, advancing. Once they get over the stubbornness and intense dislike of following the lead of others, there could be remarkable advancement in many areas. This is particularly true in career. Although it appears they have made some strides up to this point, their potential hasn’t begun to see the light.

There is much to like about this person. When in the right mood, their personality is very appealing and endearing, and they can be a charmer when it is in their interest to do so. It appears we have a very sensual person here – as long as the "right" person is in their line of sight. In other words, this person is different things to different people. I see great compatibility with someone who knows this person inside out – their likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses.

I see wide mood swings – an optimist one minute, a pessimist the next. This is a person who makes excuses when failing but doesn’t want to hear someone else do it. There is a certain amount of self indulgence here. They can be very selfish, very self-centered. And, apparently, this person is so personable and so convincing at times, they can get others to do their bidding.

I see much common sense here as well as a tendency to coast, to take things for granted. A bit of a lazy streak is apparent, although when they set their mind to doing something important or interesting, nothing stands in their way. I also see a willingness to work with others as long as it’s on the same level; in other words, equal partners are fine, but if the other person becomes arrogant or bossy, I can see fireworks.

This person is a romantic at heart although they may have an inability to verbalize it. And because there is so much potential within, this is a person who could be a remarkable friend, lover, companion – should they ever decide to set their mind to it.

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