This is a person who likes to be with people. They are generous of heart and loyal to a fault.

However, there are downsides to this type of personality. They have been hurt numerous times by people who have taken advantage of them. Because they are easily swayed, they have a weakness for a self-indulgent type of personality. As a result, they are somewhat reluctant to trust unconditionally, having been burned on more than one occasion.

Basically, you have to prove to them that you have a sincere heart and are not out to "take them." Their defenses are constantly up and you have to break through the barriers to convince them of your good intentions.

I see a sensual person here, someone who enjoys being touched, cared for, loved. At times they can be very physical – or very aloof. It seems as if a cloud suddenly appears, changing their mood from gregarious to suspicious. However, if you can remain calm and not engage them in argument, the moods are usually short-lived, and once again their sunny personality will emerge.

People seem to be attracted – even mesmerized – by them, and they are open to many different types of friendships with many different types of people. It is surprising, even amazing, how wide a variety of interests and friendships they have. This is a person who can be very creative, and who, if exposed to the arts, could find themselves engulfed in writing, drawing, anything which requires imagination.

They have a terrific sense of humor when in the mood, and particularly when in the company of people who are stimulating. The mundane or routine doesn’t excite them, but introducing them to a new movie or a new venture does get their attention; at first, they may be reluctant because of their conservative nature, but a little prodding can get them out of the house.

Overall, this is a good person to have as a friend, partner, or mate. But they come with some baggage and you will have to walk on eggshells for the period of time when they don’t quite trust you. This is a person who has been disappointed by people over the years, and you should always be careful to maintain their trust and respect.

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