The strengths and weaknesses are very obvious here. Sometimes we see this person in a positive, well-balanced mood, and it is during these times, they are very attractive, very appealing.

However, there are mood swings here, and it appears that their personality – which at times is bright, witty, very giving and alluring – can suddenly turn on a dime. When frustrated or angered, they can be sarcastic and tend to lash out with criticism that is not justified. Then, because this is a good hearted person, they will feel regret and disappointment later on.

I see sensuality here, and it is obvious a very sexy person lies beneath. However, they have a tendency to overthink a situation or problem, and this occurs in the bedroom as well. Although open to spontaneity, they can be too talkative and too rational which could suffocate an exciting situation, turning it into mundane and routine. Sometimes it’s better to tell this person to just let go, allowing their instincts and natural urges to emerge – and to just enjoy.

I see loyalty to close friends and an inability to say no which sometimes leads to difficult arrangements. They have a tough time letting go and are apt to return to an old situation or an old friend time after time after time. It is also difficult for this person to throw anything away. This is why it is almost impossible for them to break off an old friendship.

They listen well, can figure out a seemingly impossible problem, and can be very reliable. If in trouble, this is the person to call. You won’t find panic here. It just isn’t a part of their makeup.

Physically, there could be improvement here, but once they are committed to a specific routine, they have no problem taking better care of themselves. Activity is very important for this person. The more physical activity, the more alert, humorous and self-confident they become.

Financially, they seem to have a good handle on money; yet there is a tendency to jump into an investment which, had they given more thought to it, they wouldn’t have done in the first place. Sometimes they commit themselves, only to regret it a day or two later. This is true in career, finances and, yes, their personal life as well.

Stay close to this person, giving your support and good will, and they will appreciate it and reciprocate your love – but only if they truly believe you are the best for them.

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