This is a very interesting, very intriguing personality.

They are self-assured and self-confident but only if in the right environment. Over the years, this person has had numerous ups and downs, particularly in the personal side. I see a tendency to want to drop out, cast off responsibility and go off to live in isolation. Part of this is due to a highly developed sense of responsibility to others which sometimes seems overbearing and too much to live up to.

I see someone who likes people but who can be a terror if someone crosses them. Unpredictable is a good description as it seems we have several personalities rolled into one here. At times, they can be caring, giving, loving, very romantic. But at the drop of a hat, they can be aloof, distant, with a biting humor.

This is a person who has a great deal of common sense, who can excel in many different areas – but who must first be stimulated, interested, intrigued and allured by something new and different. These attributes can also be characteristic in their personal life as well. I see a wide variety of people coming and going, touching this person, sometimes draining them of their energy and time. We obviously have a generous, giving personality here.

This is someone who is listening to you when you don’t think so, who hears everything, and who absorbs much more than the average person. The ability to amass a wealth of information, process it and make appropriate decisions is very characteristic of this type of individual. These qualities serve them well in career and business matters.

However, I see a tendency toward impulsiveness, and there have been numerous instances in which they jumped into a venture too quickly, not allowing themselves the time to process the information properly and make the correct judgments. It is during these times that they have experienced failure and regret.

There is sensuality here, and a fine imagination. A good lover when truly interested, but a tendency to start out fast – interested and excited – but somewhat disinterested and bored after a period of time. Variety is an inherited urge they have deep down within, which is something they can’t quite explain.

This is a person with great depth, interested in many things outside of themselves, and a willingness to sacrifice for the right cause. I sense this person has great potential in love and business, but they must be with the right person to stimulate them, encourage them, and get them started.

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