This is a very interesting – and unpredictable – individual.

Most of the time there is a spark of life, an excitement that this person generates. And it is irresistible. You can’t get enough of their sly, almost sarcastic humor, sensuality, appealing characteristics; yet, they can be moody. And you never know when it’s going to occur.

I see a good person, one who cares about others, is willing to cross the line to do good; however, when someone doesn’t live up to expectations, there is a backsliding that occurs very rapidly. Once someone falls out of favor, it takes a great deal to get back in their good graces. This is why this person is better off in an independent work place, preferably being their own boss in which the decision making is left solely in their hands.

There is a basic goodness here, a true understanding and respect for right and wrong. This person can be loyal to a fault unless they feel they have been wronged; then, look out. I see a tendency toward vindictiveness, stubbornness, and an inability to turn the other cheek when upset. Once again, this goes back to their unpredictability which is so clearly evidenced in their personality.

I see a thirst for knowledge, some regret for not being educated more – or at least in the right field – and a deep desire to do something creative, either in the field of writing, art, or perhaps invention. This person sees things not so much for what they are, but for what they could be. They are an astute visionary, and can see accurately into the future. This is another reason why they would be well suited for independent work.

At times this is a very sensual person, someone who has great sexual fantasies but thus far has been somewhat frustrated in achieving most of them. Given the chance, however, they could surprise you and even themselves as to how daring they could be.

Sometimes they are unable to reach down and touch their inner feelings, and perhaps an unwillingness to open up. I see a person of great depth, deep emotions, very good intellect and good conversationalist – particularly when discussing an area of interest to them.

All in all, I see a person who can be fascinating at times, a real pain occasionally, but a person of great substance capable of solid friendships and long lasting relationships.

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