This is a very special person with a wealth of talent, personality and potential. Here is someone who cares about people, apparently not afraid to mingle with those from all walks of life, and one who doesn’t seem to back away from challenges.

This is a caring, loyal type who is a very capable leader, one who is not afraid to take the bull by the horn and stand in front. Sometimes self-doubt creeps into their mind, and these are the times that success and victory come hard. It would appear that once this person has the mindset to take on a particular task or challenge, nothing can stop them.

I see determination in spades and a will to do whatever it takes to achieve set goals. There is also a bit of the wanderer here, and it is possible for this type of personality to jump from one thing to another before settling down. Unless there is interest and challenge here, I see them getting bored rather easily.

I see sensuality, a feeling that the opposite sex should do their bidding. I also sense they can be aloof and a bit of a selfish lover. However, it’s obvious we have a sexual being here, and this person is definitely a turn on – when they are in the driver’s seat. Confidence, yes. But this type of individual is almost divided into two very distinct personalities. The first is confident, self-assured, reasonably happy with numerous god-given gifts. The second is someone who knows they are gifted but who tends to drift a bit, relying on their talents without using their abilities to the fullest. Sometimes this person can be extremely frustrating to those closest to them.

I can see mood swings when feeling sorry for themselves, but overall we have a very pleasant, appealing personality here. I see a person who is responsible, with unlimited potential in both business, romantic and family matters. This is definitely someone you can count on – as long as they care about you.

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