This is obviously a person who isn’t living up to their potential nor utilizing their god-given talents.

I see a troubled soul whose bitterness within tends to spoil their better characteristics. There is a tendency to blame others, to be jealous of close ones, to lash out at anyone who offers assistance or advice.

A sulky demeanor – even vindictiveness – is consuming this person and until they achieve inner peace, they will rarely experience success and happiness. They need help, they need someone who truly cares, and they won’t listen until they finally come to grips with reality. And that reality is they are the cause of their own problems.

What can you do to make this person better? First, you can help by trying to build their self-esteem and self-confidence. This could be the origin of their problem. Their poor attitude is a reflection of their low self-worth.

Praise them when you can for the good things they do and be careful to be constructive while offering advice regarding areas of disappointment. Try to guide them to areas of strength, areas of interest to them, areas in which they can achieve and shine and feel good about self accomplishment.

This person has untapped potential, but until they purge their inner demons, they will never achieve inner peace or be successful and happy in life.

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