This is a person with a lot to offer, but a great deal to be desired.

With many tools to be successful in all aspects of their life, it appears there is a shortfall in accomplishment here in so many arenas. Is it due to a lack of desire, a lack of effort, a refusal to give 100 per cent? It appears that until this person decides to call upon their many areas of strength, others will continue to be disappointed.

There apparently is a sense of humor, sometimes dry, sometimes witty. But it can often come off as sarcastic and denigrating. There is also intelligence and common sense, but all too often these are overridden by a somewhat self-indulgent, hedonistic attitude. And there is sensuality – a great deal hidden beneath the surface. But here, too, a tendency to be mostly concerned with fulfilling their own desires rather than their partner’s, is enough to frustrate the one closest to them.

What we have here is someone who truly does have the potential to be a better person, a better partner, a better provider. One who can provide tender loving care as well as financial security. But it is apparent this person needs to look beyond self-interests, and self-fulfillment. To look at the needs and welfare of family and friends and lovers. Only then will this person – who truly does have much to offer – finally achieve happiness, success, self-esteem, and love.

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