Compatibility Stew Spell

Are you in a relationship with someone you know is "right" for you, but somehow it isn't working out?

Has it been getting worse recently?

Are you afraid if you don't take drastic action soon, the relationship may be in jeopardy? Or perhaps it already is!

If so, there's a remarkable spell that can be cast in your behalf. It's called the Compatibility Stew spell because when a relationship is in trouble, it usually involves a number of issues that when "mixed together" seems to result in the relationship boiling over.

Although it sounds like a lighthearted name, this is one of the oldest and most powerful love spells. It is particularly effective when directed toward a couple who are "right" for each other but somehow they seem to spoil the stew -- unintentionally.

This spell is for you, if: If some or all of the above seems to ring true, you may be very surprised how quickly this spell could turnaround your relationship.
Compatibility Stew Spell
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